Thursday, October 30, 2008

Laugh Out Loud if you see these on the street

This weeks worst sneaker of the week award goes to ... (drum roll please) ... A NIKE release? The NIKE JACK WOOL SOAKERS are the worst "thing" that NIKE has ever created. They look like duck boots, ACG's and "wtf" mixed into one shoe. I dont wear NIKE, and this just pushed me further away. If you like these, you must be:
3.John McCain

New Blazers on da Block

The NIKE SB BLAZER X Lance Mountain is here. Designed by no other than skateboarder Lance Mountain, these blazers go right with the Halloween mood for this time of year.

Election 08 ... OBAMA? McCain? Who has your vote?

Let's be serious, OBAMA should have your only vote for president next Tuesday. McCain and Palin (aka Maverick and Barracuda) are not whats best for our country. Don't vote for OBAMA because he's black, or even because he is a captivating speaker. Do it for the future my friends ...

A Nightmare for a DreamGirl

Yes the spotlight is on Jennifer Hudson, but not for a good reason. Her mother ... brother ... and nephew ... all murdered. A sad time indeed ... We all feel for you

Cold Weather is here ... Pull Out ... The Northface?

I must I am not a fan of North Face clothing. However, that doesn't stop others from bundling up with their latest and greatest. North Face is a trend of New Yorkers and D.C heads staying away from my hometown of Philly. It is sold in Philly, but not very popular compared to other areas. I am not putting down North Face fans ... who knows, I might cop a coat soon enough.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Paper Trail is Real ... Better than Carter 3?

I believe so. Maybe its because I am not a fan of Lil Wayne, but it could just be the fact that Paper Trail has more quality than Da Carter 3. We could sit and compare songs off of both cds for hours, but I will simply do three.
1. Swagga Like Us vs. A Milli
2. Live Your Life feat Rihanna vs. Got Money feat T-Pain
3. Whatever You Like vs. Lollipop
When you compare the songs throw ya personal favorite out the window and really listen to the songs.

I See You Philly and NY

I might not feel the D.C dances, but you gotta love Philly and New York stuff. D Mac and Get Lite, whas better?

No-No for Go-Go ...

Im sorry D.C but I do not respect go-go music at all or the "beating yo feet". It sounds like a group of people banging on trash cans and stop signs. This is not whas poppin ... Yall can judge for yourself tho ...


What you thought I only did kicks? If you like to be the only person wearing something, check out the Ironfist clothing label. Many people do not know about this artistic label that blesses the world with exclusive clothing. Although they showcase everything from jackets to cardigans, I would recommend sticking to their t-shirts and hoodies which display the best products of the company. Here is the website to Ironfist ... Show Love!

Did someone order a double flopper with cheese? WORST SNEAKER OF THE WEEK AWARD ...

This weeks worst sneaker award goes to ... (drum roll please) ... The new release by K-Swiss! I know I know, who wears them anyway right? But the reason I chose these particular sneakers for the week is the fact K-Swiss would have the audacity (nice word) to create something like this. Unless you are Kanye West and can make anything look acceptable, these sneakers are not for you. This is a promise, if I see anyone wearing these in the street, you will be shot. Then shot again.

Imports R' Us

Don't get ya' hopes up about being the first one on the block with these. These NIKE Terminators don't have a MADE in U.S.A stamp on them. Ladies and gentlemen these are Tokyo exclusive and can only be grabbed at the NIKE Sportswear Store in Tokyo. This shoe not only is ill, but also kicks off the store's opening which will be NIKE's only store in Asia. It opens October 11th, but unless you have frequent flier miles or a nice hook-up with Yao Ming; chalk it up my friend.

Welcome To UrbCoNNecT!

This is your one and only AdidasHead and thanks for showing love. I'm not much for talking so let me introduce you to the new kids on the block. Supra has just released two new pairs of kicks in the Skytop G-State and Greco High Fishnet. These are definitely artwork for your feet. WARNING: ONLY THE ILLEST MAY WEAR