Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maybe It's Just Me ...

But I really feel Kanye's new cd. "See You in My Nightmares" and "Heartless" are two great songs in my book, but other people have been putting off the cd. Why?
Listen to his track "See You in My Nightmares" ... And Tell Everybody That You Know ...SEE YOU IN MY NIGHTMARES - KANYE WEST FT LIL WAYNE

Thats Nasty (in the bad way)

The Dedication 3 is horrible. Point blank. The cd features too many different rappers from Cash Money, and Lil Wayne barely raps on the cd. If you really listen to music, you must admit that this cd is not acceptable. I am not a Lil Wayne fan by any means now, but even I will admit that the Dedication 2 was a classic. I consider that the turning point in Wayne's rap style. To me, it went downhill from there ... Judge for your self

Friday, November 7, 2008

Heartbreaks and Endings ...

Kanye West ... Lupe Fiasco ... the best rappers in my eyes are both planning releases of new albums. Kanye's is to be labeled "808's and Heartbreaks," while Lupe's will be titled "L-U-P end." More details coming soon on Lupe's album(which is said to be his last), but Yeezy's drops on November 25th. He pushed the date from December 16th in order for his music to be "Heard as soon as possible." Leading the way is his single "Love Lockdown" which was first seen at the VMA's where he performed it live. On the cd, there is also a track dedicated to his mother which I can't wait to hear. This cd will be like no other considering he has labeled it pop and created the whole thing using Auto-tune (voice changer software aka T-Pain effect).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Philly ... home of the cheesesteak, liberty bell and black panther?

In Philadelphia on election day, Black Panthers were seen at numerous areas in Philly "guarding" voting places. I don't believe this was a necessary move my brothas. It attracted attention to something pointless. So this goes out to you my Black Panther brothas:
Dear Brothermen Who Weren't Thinking,
The presence of Obama does not need to be accompanied by questionable actions like this. Drop the paranoia for one second and realize that this is not 1968 and we don't need troops protecting our right to vote. Obama would have clearly won Philadelphia without your help, seeing as how you can't even find a republican in Philly. I should know. I'm from West Philly! So, next election use your heads and put the batons away.
P.S. Dont ever embarrass my city like that again


Check your new editions of history textbooks for this quote from the new president of The United States, Mr. Barack Obama. It was taken from his first address after being declared the winner in Chicago's own, Grant Park. Obama won decisively over McCain and proved that he wasn't only supported by college kids and black people. As a black man, I am proud of my heritage everyday. However, tonight takes the cake my friends. On my campus in New York (St.John'sUniversity), there is a diverse mixture of students. You have people everywhere from California to the Virgin Islands celebrating amongst each other. I've never seen people from every walk of life together as one for the same cause. In a time filled with hard-times and sorrow, you can now put away your tears of pain and replace them with tears of hope and change ...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This is the moment we have been waiting for ... Get Out There and Vote ... Make Your Voice Heard

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tupac speaks on Obama?

"Although it seems heaven sent,
We ain't ready to see a black president"
Changes by Tupac Shakur
What do you think Tupac would say about Barack Obama?
Barack Obama's message this election has been,"Change You Can Believe In." Isn't it ironic that a similar titled song from Tupac contains a different message?