Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kinda Like A Big Deal Remix

Clipse featuring Bun B

Big Record just got bigger ...

Back to the music ...

Chris Brown sighting ...

T.I feat Chris Brown Dont Matter


This is how ya'll rock the mask ...

This is how I'm gettin down ...

That's fire?


It's officially on campus here at good ole St Johns University. Hollis hall is quarantined. I'm scared to even eat. What's next? Can I just get home and start my summer damn ...

Where in the World will I be? (This Summer)

1) PG COUNTY/D.C - Got to get at least one GoGo under my belt right?

2) Philly - besides the fact this is where i reside, my job and internship will have me here for a good portion of time.

3) Miami - just to chill. I didn't go during the school year, so I'll show love during the summer.


New York City / Long Island

Top Ten??

Speaking of the previous post ... is the original Best I Ever Had top ten or even top 5 songs so far through this year? What ya'll think?

Dylan Dylan

You gotta feel this one. Maybe I'm a little late ... but this is tuff.

I like Nikki on this jawn ...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Harlem Stand Up

I forgot to mention that I made a trip to Harlem this Saturday past. 125th and 145th was toooo much love. By the way, I finally saw the little hispanics on the corner that sell iceys (thanks Delaney). Just a couple of things I want to point out from the Harlem excursion:

1) Sneaker Heads listen up! House of Hoops (125th) will have only 500 pairs of Pearl Foamz coming soon. If you want a pair get ya tent ready

2) Harlem people (yes you all) wear Nike Shox like nothing I've ever seen. Can I get some diversity? Damn ...

3) I think I might buy a brownstone just to have it ...

4) I will never wear Nautica, Robbins, or any of the other things I seen consistently Uptown. However, a pair of Solo's would be ard. Maybe.

5) Next time I come Uptown to Rucker, it betta be somebody out there worth hoopin with. I'm just saying ...

Air Apparent?

Do you believe the hype over the Air Yeezy's is needed or rather should it even exist?

There is actually a site to track which celebrities are wearing them...

What you think about it?

P.S. I want a pair

No Love

I think I just lost all respect for Ray-J ... seriously ... he is a clown

Do I really need to provide evidence to justify my points?

Nope ... just watch a rerun of "For the Love of Ray-J"

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Big Ups to Khyle Trav and Tiff for the help in getting some footage for the site.

Thank You




Oh U A Gucci Fan? Well Here is Gucci Land ... LINK

Bumpin This Weekend ...


Maybe it's the warm weather outside, but I feel a need to drop some of his tracks on the speakers

I Live In A TV - Gucci Mane

O Yea ... Gucci Land is out u want a link i got you in the following post ok?

Also I'm bumpin Ricky Ross Deeper Than Rap

All I Really Want - Rick Ross

I put ya'll on to some other tracks off the album ... this is heat too
Featuring my mans The Dream ... listen up ...

Smakkedness ... BTW Dont Front

Was I the only one last night at the afterparty smakked? Couldnt be right? I mean we are in college.

But ...

De River last night was ok (I've seen it better). However, I would like to take an opportunity to point out some hilarious points of last night:

1. Old Men In The Club - I saw like 4 of ya'll in there with linen suits on. That is not acceptable by any means sir. Go home to your family.

2. Girls That Fronted - Nothing hurts a mans pride like being denied a dance in front of ya homies. It hurts. Ladies please get off the fuckin wall and enjoy yaself. But big ups for looking gorgeous last night.

That is all for now ...

LUPE and NERD shut it down ... Period.

St. Johns University did something right for once. Our Spring Concert/Fling was real. Lupe is one of my favorite rappers ... I Know every N.E.R.D song by heart (well 98%) ... Anybody who went can't possibly front on the fact it was popping.

Besides that fact, Lupe's performance was ridiculous. He had mad energy and performed like 13 songs (no exaggeration). My mans Bishop G was out there too, as the ultimate hype man wit a shirt wrapped around his head (LOL). I've seen Lupe several times, and this is right up there in his best performances.

N.E.R.D ... wow ... they had my school moshing ... black people ... white people ... asian people (one of yall stepped on my kicks too watch it next time plz!) ... hispanic people ... and the list goes on. Should I say more to explain their performance? The only thing they could have done better is if Lupe came out again and they did Maybe REMIX (He Gets The Girl) ... thats a classic

Maybe / And He Gets The Girl - N.E.R.D / Lupe Fiasco


My Bad!

SMH!! My fault on the delay in new posts. I mean I am a college student and I do procrastinate on work. Never good to wait until the last day to start a paper ... Well ... Here we go again

Friday, April 24, 2009

Decisions ... Decisions ... Decisions ...

Too many choices out here when it comes to new phones ... Do I go with the new IPhone about to drop soon? (Word is they are making three different ones ... Who knows?)

Do I go with the newest Blackberry to be released (Curve 8900)

What about the new sidekick LX (2009 edition)?

Or even the G1 or soon to be released G2?

Tooooo many choices ...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amazing Kanye feat Young Jeezy + Interview

Tight video , if I do say so myself ... Yeezy at it again tho ... He goes off afterwards in the interview LOL

I Tried To Tell U! LOL

I try to tell these cats at my school that Philly is something completely different from NY, Chi, etc etc when it comes to parties. Baltimore know what I'm talkin bout ... Peep the video ... And these are young buls ...

Wat Up , Whas Happenin ...

St Johns is buzzing this week. We have a fashion show going on today, that is supposed to be ard (look for pics up later today). Also Lupe and N.E.R.D will be here on friday for our annual spring concert (After Party on deck at "De River"). On top of that we always got the house parties jumping somewhere.

P.S The Weather is also gonna be pretty solid

I think I might videotape this weekend ... Or at least take mad pics (Somebody say new dp on facebook? haha)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Kid Cudi mixtape ... Go to the link to download it ... No worries , I got it no virus haha

I would just upload a download but this makes it so much easier
BTW ... this mixtape is heat ... I've listened to it through and he has some bangers on there. Kanye even produced a track for him. This isn't minor people ...

New Heat!! (Or so I hear...)

Kid Cudi (Dat Kid From Cleveland) ... Currency (This Is Not A Mixtape) ... French Montana (Mac Wit Da Cheese)... Just a few I'm naming to drop music this week ... Is it something in the air? Who knows, but look for reviews and hot tracks on several albums/mixtapes coming soon ...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


SHOW LOVE PPL ... Follow me on my blog and twitter

By the way , tune in to the Kobe show at 1030

ROSS!! Deeper Than Rap A Hit? (VIDEO & LINK)

Personally I feel it ... forget all the controversy behind his "old day job" ... whatever ... that doesnt change the fact that this album is heat ... What do you think about it? Show Love?


BTW ... Did I Mention I Saw Drake ...

Yea I went to his concert at SUNY Purchase last Friday ... It was ok considering he's just starting his tour grind ... He had a couple of slip-ups but so did I! (Smakked City SMH ... Shout Out to Bacardi 151 haha) ... Hit up his blog for footage from the show ...