Monday, February 23, 2009

NIKE 1/2 Cents ... uh nah

Yea yea yea ... All my NIKE heads and sneaker heads out there you already know about these ... The Nike Half Cents aka Penny Hybrid kicks are here and going for about 190$ ... Personally ... I Dont feel them ... maybe its just me (most likely not aha)

Drizzy Drake!

Ladies and gentlemen ... I'm going to start it back up with the self-proclaimed "Man of the Year" ... I must admit , I wasn't too sure of him when I first listened but I now have his music on steady rotation ... So Far Gone people , his mixtape out now ... get with it or get lost ... (u know im giving u a sample right?)


Yes, it is a recession. I had more than a couple things to take care of, but I am back. Let's get it started again ...