Saturday, April 25, 2009

LUPE and NERD shut it down ... Period.

St. Johns University did something right for once. Our Spring Concert/Fling was real. Lupe is one of my favorite rappers ... I Know every N.E.R.D song by heart (well 98%) ... Anybody who went can't possibly front on the fact it was popping.

Besides that fact, Lupe's performance was ridiculous. He had mad energy and performed like 13 songs (no exaggeration). My mans Bishop G was out there too, as the ultimate hype man wit a shirt wrapped around his head (LOL). I've seen Lupe several times, and this is right up there in his best performances.

N.E.R.D ... wow ... they had my school moshing ... black people ... white people ... asian people (one of yall stepped on my kicks too watch it next time plz!) ... hispanic people ... and the list goes on. Should I say more to explain their performance? The only thing they could have done better is if Lupe came out again and they did Maybe REMIX (He Gets The Girl) ... thats a classic

Maybe / And He Gets The Girl - N.E.R.D / Lupe Fiasco


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