Saturday, April 25, 2009

Smakkedness ... BTW Dont Front

Was I the only one last night at the afterparty smakked? Couldnt be right? I mean we are in college.

But ...

De River last night was ok (I've seen it better). However, I would like to take an opportunity to point out some hilarious points of last night:

1. Old Men In The Club - I saw like 4 of ya'll in there with linen suits on. That is not acceptable by any means sir. Go home to your family.

2. Girls That Fronted - Nothing hurts a mans pride like being denied a dance in front of ya homies. It hurts. Ladies please get off the fuckin wall and enjoy yaself. But big ups for looking gorgeous last night.

That is all for now ...


  1. i LOVE this post! although im definitely a "girl that fronts" and will continue to "front" on all strange, intoxicated, or creeper- like men!*