Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Harlem Stand Up

I forgot to mention that I made a trip to Harlem this Saturday past. 125th and 145th was toooo much love. By the way, I finally saw the little hispanics on the corner that sell iceys (thanks Delaney). Just a couple of things I want to point out from the Harlem excursion:

1) Sneaker Heads listen up! House of Hoops (125th) will have only 500 pairs of Pearl Foamz coming soon. If you want a pair get ya tent ready

2) Harlem people (yes you all) wear Nike Shox like nothing I've ever seen. Can I get some diversity? Damn ...

3) I think I might buy a brownstone just to have it ...

4) I will never wear Nautica, Robbins, or any of the other things I seen consistently Uptown. However, a pair of Solo's would be ard. Maybe.

5) Next time I come Uptown to Rucker, it betta be somebody out there worth hoopin with. I'm just saying ...

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