Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Philly ... home of the cheesesteak, liberty bell and black panther?

In Philadelphia on election day, Black Panthers were seen at numerous areas in Philly "guarding" voting places. I don't believe this was a necessary move my brothas. It attracted attention to something pointless. So this goes out to you my Black Panther brothas:
Dear Brothermen Who Weren't Thinking,
The presence of Obama does not need to be accompanied by questionable actions like this. Drop the paranoia for one second and realize that this is not 1968 and we don't need troops protecting our right to vote. Obama would have clearly won Philadelphia without your help, seeing as how you can't even find a republican in Philly. I should know. I'm from West Philly! So, next election use your heads and put the batons away.
P.S. Dont ever embarrass my city like that again

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