Friday, November 7, 2008

Heartbreaks and Endings ...

Kanye West ... Lupe Fiasco ... the best rappers in my eyes are both planning releases of new albums. Kanye's is to be labeled "808's and Heartbreaks," while Lupe's will be titled "L-U-P end." More details coming soon on Lupe's album(which is said to be his last), but Yeezy's drops on November 25th. He pushed the date from December 16th in order for his music to be "Heard as soon as possible." Leading the way is his single "Love Lockdown" which was first seen at the VMA's where he performed it live. On the cd, there is also a track dedicated to his mother which I can't wait to hear. This cd will be like no other considering he has labeled it pop and created the whole thing using Auto-tune (voice changer software aka T-Pain effect).

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